Cupcakes / Cakes

Bake Sale – carrot cake
Bobbette & Belle – cookies and cream
Bobbette & Belle – pineapple coconut
Prairie Girl Bakery – banana peanut butter
Short and Sweet Bakeshop – dream team (vanilla/chocolate/caramel)


Cops Doughnuts – orange sherbet
Daddy O Doughnuts – assorted
Dipped Donuts – blueberry basil
Dipped Donuts – carrot cake
Donut Monster – cherry cheesecake
Flipside Donuts – various sweet and savoury flavours
Frenchie’s Doughnuts – blueberry cheesecake
Glory Hole Donuts – bread and butter
Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique – s’mores
Loukoumania Cafe – loukoumades (Greek doughnuts)
Lukumum – loukoumades (Greek doughnuts)
Mr. Puffs – loukoumades (Greek doughnuts)
Krispy Kreme – blueberry glazed


Barbershop Patisserie – lemon bichon, chocolate chip cookie, wild blueberry custard tart
Blackbird Baking Co. – almond croissant
Blackbird Baking Co. – cinnamon bun
Bomou Artisanal Bakery – pistachio croissant, ham and cheese quiche
Cho-Kwok-Lat – chocolate rum almond croissant
Choux Lab – hazelnut choux pastry
Geste Croissanterie – pistachio pain au chocolat
Gouter – raspberry croissant
Laduree – macarons
Marvelous by Fred – dark chocolate merveilleux (cream and meringue)
MoRoCo Chocolat – chocolate hazelnut croissant
Nadege – meat pies
Nord Lyon – strawberry croissant
Nugateau – eclair
Patisserie la Cigogne – almond croissant
Roselle Desserts – chocolate souffle cookie, chocolate chunk cookie, raspberry madeleine

Japanese / Korean

7 Baker – chocolate lava croissant
Bake Code – peanut butter and jelly croissant
Bonne Nouvelle Patisserie – strawberry rhubarb madeleine
Butter Avenue – macarons
Butter Baker – lemon meringue croissant
Crazy Crepes – strawberry, kiwi, and cream crepe
Hattendo Cafe – cream buns (custard, chocolate, and red bean)
HCafe – ohagi
Kevin’s Taiyaki – taiyaki (red bean)
Little Pebbles Cafe – strawberry sakura mont blanc
Millie’s Patisserie – mille crepe
Pablo – cheese tart
Sasaki Fine Pastry – daifuku mochi (mango, strawberry, yuzu, sesame)
Sukoshi Mart – taiyaki (red bean)
T-Swirl Crepe – creme brulee crepe, mango raspberry crepe


Abbey’s Bakehouse – butter tart
Akko Cake House – walnut bun, coconut bun, custard bun
Bagel Nash – chocolate buffalo
Bakerbots Baking – chocolate cream pie
Bakerbots Baking – cinnamon bun
Bakerbots Baking – lemon tart, raspberry rosewater tart
BeaverTails – cinnamon sugar fried dough
Bobbette and Belle – apple bread pudding, coconut banana cream pie
Brod – kanelsnegl (Danish cinnamon roll)
La Casa Dolce – pumpkin butter tart
Cheesecake by Heirloom – cheesecake on a stick
Cinnaholic – cinnamon roll
Cookie Scoop – chocolate chip cookies (various flavours)
Craig’s Cookies – Nutella chocolate chip cookie
Fika Cafe – cinnamon bun
Formocha – Taiwanese wheel cakes
HK Sweets – mango pancakes
Kate’s Town Talk Bakery – butter tart
Momofuku Milk Bar – crack pie
Old Mill Pastry & Deli – tulumba
Prairie Boy Bread – cheesy scone
La Rocca Creative Kitchen – key lime tart
Soul Chocolate – chocolate chunk cookie
Sticky Bakery – sticky bun, sticky bun with cream cheese
The Sydney Grind – lamington


Adamson Barbecue – brisket, spare ribs, sausage, pulled pork, turkey
Beach Hill Smokehouse – brisket sandwich
Beauty Barbecue & Smokehouse – sliced pork shoulder, smoked meat, baby back ribs
Blue Sage – spare ribs
Brickyard BBQ – ribs
Cherry Street Bar-B-Que – lamb shoulder
Hogtown Smoke – brisket sandwich
Hungry Hollow Smokehouse and Grille – brisket, pulled pork


Beast – crispy pork hocks
Byblos Uptown – Turkish manti dumplings, eggplant kibbeh, pide
Cafe Crepe – crepe, scrambled eggs, sausage
Cafe Landwer – shakshuka, kebab
The Drake Commissary – trapper beans
Hanabusa Cafe – Japanese souffle pancakes
Madame Levant – halawa pancakes, sujuk scrambled eggs
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – pancakes
Ramona’s Kitchen – breakfast poutine
Smash Kitchen – eggs benedict
Uncle Betty’s – sweet potato hash

Casual Chain Restaurants

Red Lobster – lobster-stuffed tilapia
Swiss Chalet – quarter chicken with fries


Chengdu Guokui – pork belly on rice
Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine – dim sum
Dynasty BBQ Restaurant – roast pork, BBQ pork
Excellent BBQ Restaurant – roast pork, BBQ pork, BBQ duck
FeasTO – dumplings
Fishman Lobster Clubhouse – deep fried lobster
Fishman Lobster Clubhouse – deep fried lobster
Gao’s Crepe – jian bing (Chinese crepe)
Golden Palace Banquet Hall – dim sum
Good Taste Casserole Rice – clay pot rice
Luen Hing Barbecue – roast pork, BBQ pork
Planta Queen – dim sum
Running Pig – pork knuckle bento box
Sang-ji Fried Bao – fried soup dumplings and scallion oil noodles
Shanghai Dim Sum – dim sum
Sweet Turtle Desserts – tofu pudding with black sesame
Tianjin Auntie’s Steamed Bun – jian bing (Chinese crepe)
Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice – braised chicken rice
Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine – dim sum
Yu Seafood – dim sum
Zheng’s Juicy Fried Buns – fried soup dumplings and scallion oil noodles


Bubble Lee – brown sugar boba milk
Kome Yogurt – purple rice and yogurt
Nanashake – chocolate banana vegan milkshake
SOMA Chocolatemaker – hot chocolate
Soul Chocolate – hot chocolate
Sweet Jesus – peanut butter, pretzel & chocolate hazelnut milkshake
Tiger Sugar
– brown sugar boba milk with cream mousse

Eastern European

Cafe Polonez – chicken meatballs

Fast Food

A&W – Beyond Meat Burger
A&W – Chocolate Turnover made with KitKat
Burger King – Fire-Grilled Rib Sandwich
Chick-fil-A – fried chicken sandwich
Cineplex – movie theatre nachos with cheese
Ikea – chicken meatballs
Jollibee – fried chicken, spaghetti, peach mango pie
KFC – Gravy Lovers Sandwich
KFC – Lay’s Bar-B-Q Tenders
KFC – Waffle Double Down
McDonald’s – Apple Crumble Sundae
McDonald’s – Aussie BBQ & Egg Burger
McDonald’s – Bacon, Egg & Smoky Gouda McMuffin
McDonald’s – Big Mac (new “hotter and juicier”)
McDonald’s – Butterscotch Blondie McFlurry
McDonald’s – Carolina BBQ Quarter Pounder
McDonald’s – Chicken Big Mac
McDonald’s – Chinese Szechuan Burger
McDonald’s – Egg BLT Bagel
McDonald’s – Fish and Chips
McDonald’s – French Creme Brulee McFlurry
McDonald’s – Grand Big Mac
McDonald’s – Italian Pesto Chicken Sandwich
McDonald’s – Maple & Cheddar Chicken Sandwich
McDonald’s – McCrispy
McDonald’s – Mexican Bacon Queso More-Ning McWrap
McDonald’s – Mexican Chipotle Burger
McDonald’s – Nanaimo Bar McFlurry
McDonald’s – P.L.T. (Plant, Lettuce and Tomato)
McDonald’s – Spicy Chicken McNuggets
McDonald’s – Spicy Chipotle Seasoned Fries
McDonald’s – Spicy Habanero McChicken
Papa John’s – pizza
Panera Bread – Fontiga Chicken Panini, Turkey Chili
Panera Bread – Pesto Sacchettini
Tim Hortons – Beyond Burger
Tim Hortons – Beyond Sausage Egg and Cheese
Tim Hortons – Jelly Roll
Wendy’s – Bacon Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich
Wendy’s – Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich
Wendy’s – Smoky Mushroom Bacon Cheeseburger


B’s Sizzling Kitchen – sisig fries, roast pork
Wilson’s Haus of Lechon – roast pork, roast chicken


Dreyfus – various small plates

Fried Chicken

The Burger’s Priest – Buffalo chicken strips
Chica’s Chicken – Nashville hot chicken
Chica’s Chicken – Nashville hot chicken wings
Lisa Marie – chicken and waffles
Mr. Tonkatsu – tonkatsu


Agora – spanakopita, briam
Alexandros – pork gyros wrap
Fat Lamb Kouzina – lamb and potatoes
Mamakas Taverna – spanakopita, keftedes, lentil salad, grilled octopus, braised short rib, walnut spice cake

Hot Dogs / Sausages

Kung Fu Dawg – deluxe hot dog
OHA – OHA Hot Dog (topped with potato salad and tomato sauce)
Woofdawg – corn dog
Wvrst – pork, beef, and cheese sausage

Ice Cream


00 Gelato – Ferrero Rocher
Bar Ape – chocolate sorbet and fresh mint
Boho Gelato – rosewater and pistachio
Death in Venice – pistachio yogurt & baklava
Eataly – stracciatella
Eataly/Nani’s – pistachio ricotta kulfi
Ed’s Real Scoop – pistachio and bacio
Futura Granita + Gelato – stracciatella
Hollywood Gelato – pistachio and Ferrero Rocher
Kekou Gelato – pistachio rosewater
Lola’s Gelato – candy cane bark
Lola’s Gelato – fluffernuter
Lola’s Gelato – peach blueberry sundae
Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe – Cassata Siciliana
Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe – Gorgonzola, mascarpone, and pistachio
Nani’s Gelato – Carrots and Cream (carrot halwa)
Nani’s Gelato – dark chocolate Oreo
Nani’s Gelato – Kit Kat cookie monster and double chocolate Nutella
Nani’s Gelato – malai kulfi and mango chocolate chip
Nani’s Gelato – pistachio, and tahini and black sesame
Nani’s Gelato – pumpkin pie and chocolate
Nani’s Gelato – salted olive oil candied pecan and toasted coconut
La Paloma – Sicilian pistachio
La Paloma – Zuppa Inglese
Piccolina Gelato – chocolate hazelnut
Solato – hazelnut
Soma Chocolatemaker – dark chocolate
Soma Chocolatemaker – roasted almond and Sicilian pistachio
La Vizziata – peanut butter & jelly


Wow Wow Yum Yum – Nutella banana


Avoca – chocolate
Bang Bang – beer and brown bread
Bang Bang – cherry milkjam
Bang Bang – dark chocolate chip
Bang Bang – flan
Bang Bang – horchata
Bang Bang – lemon tart
Bang Bang – miso pecans & butterscotch
Bang Bang – orange cardamom (purchased from Bakerbots Baking)
Bang Bang – peanut butter cup
Bang Bang – roasted pineapple
Baskin Robbins – cookies & cake
Chocolateria – burnt toffee chocolate
Churnt  Up – Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Dainties Macaron – black sesame macaron ice cream sandwich
Ed’s Real Scoop – burnt marshmallow
Ed’s Real Scoop – sweet cream and chocolate
Emmy’s Ice Cream – vanilla, peanut butter, brownie & cookie dough
Golden Bubbles – matcha red bean waffle
Good Behaviour – birthday cake
Good Behaviour – chocolate
Good Behaviour – chocolate with peanut butter cups and fudge
Good Behaviour – mint chocolate chip
Greg’s Ice Cream – roasted marshmallow
Honey’s – peanut butter saltine (vegan)
Ice Creamonology – cookies and cream
Ice Creamonology – blueberry white chocolate cheesecake
Knockout Ice Cream – dulce de leche
Koishi – toasted buckwheat & caramelized honey
The Loop Creamery – Old School
Nadege – honey, blackberry, saffron & biscuit
Nadege – baked caramel crunch, strawberry pistachio
Nadege – vanilla chocolate ice cream bar
Pinochi Ice Cream – Arabic ice cream (pistachio)
Put A Cone On It – roasted banana
Ruru Baked – Honeycomb cereal milk
Ruru Baked – super baked
Scoops – Nutella banana
Summer’s Ice Cream – Toronto Pothole
West End Waffles and Scoops – brownie, cookie dough & peanut butter
Wong’s Ice Cream – rosewater white chocolate jasmine
Woodfire Sandwich Co. – vanilla frozen custard

Soft Serve

Dairy Cream – funnel cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce
Eva’s Original – peach cobbler chimney cone
Chocolats Favoris – hazelnut praline dip
Dairy Queen – Cinnamon Roll Centres Blizzard
Dairy Queen – Pumpkin Pie Blizzard
Dairy Queen – Summer Berry Cake Cupfection
Happy Sundae – banana cream pie sundae
Hollywood Cone – salted caramel Skor
iHalo Krunch – charcoal
Kiss the Tiramisu – tiramisu
Les Epicuriens – vanilla ice cream with a pistachio dip
Milkcow Cafe – sweet cream with honey
Nani’s Gelato – pumpkin pie
Soul Chocolate – chocolate
Sukoi Desserts – taiyaki cone with a black sesame / vanilla twist
Sweet Jesus – apple fritter crisp
Sweet Jesus – blueberry cheesecake
Sweet Jesus – chocolate mint
Sweet Jesus – peanut butter, caramel, chocolate
Sweet Jesus – peanut butter, caramel, chocolate
Taiyaki NYC – taiyaki cone with a mango/vanilla twist
Tom’s Dairy Freeze – cherry sundae with chocolate ice cream
Tom’s Dairy Freeze – hot caramel sundae
Tom’s Dairy Freeze – hot fudge sundae
Tom’s Dairy Freeze – Jack and Jill sundae (chocolate and marshmallow)
Tom’s Dairy Freeze – pineapple sundae
Tom’s Dairy Freeze – vanilla with chocolate dip
Wooffles and Cream – vanilla with sticky toffee pudding waffle


Amaya Sherway Gardens – lamb rogan josh
Charcoal Biryani – chicken tikka wrap
Khau Gully – various dishes
My Roti Place – curry chicken roti
TVX: The Vegan Extremist – vegan “butter chicken”


Sarpa Restaurant – Franco fries


Hana Sushi – assorted sushi rolls and nigiri
Koi Koi Sake Bar – katsu sando, miso eggplant, fried rice
Manpuku – curry don
Manpuku – shigure don

Jamaican / Caribbean

Allwyn’s Bakery – jerk chicken with rice
Aquarela Restaurant – mofongo
Phamilyeats – beef patty
Stush Patties – jerk pulled pork patty


Chodang Soon Tofu – kimchi soon tofu bowl
Chodang Soon Tofu – tofu kimchi
Hanyang Jokbal – jokbal (braised pork)
Insadong – ugeojikug (hangover soup)
Mapo Gamjatang – pork bone soup
The Cups – mango bingsu, red bean bingsu

Mexican / Latin American

3 Mariachis Mexican Restaurant – Mariachi platter
Amanecer Salvadoreño Restaurant – papusas, combination plate
Burrito Gordito – steak burrito
Cinco Mexican Restaurant – pork taco, chicken quesadilla
Comal y Canela – birria tacos, michoacano burrito
El Pocho Antojitos Bar – chilaquiles
Grand Electric – pork tinga taco, beef cheek taco, scrapple taco
Grand Electric – steak taco, shrimp taco
Gus Tacos – barbacoa taco, chilorio taco
Hotmess Tex Mex – beef taco
King’s Tacos – King’s special taco
Maiz – adobo pork arepa
Moxies – nachos
Seven Lives – fish taco
Sneaky Dee’s – loaded nachos
Tacos 101 – al pastor taco, tortilla chips with guacamole and refried beans
La Tortilleria – grilled steak and chorizo taco
Wilbur Mexicana – al pastor taco, bulgogi taco

Middle Eastern

Azkadenya – hummus, falafel, beef shawarma, kunafah pops
Best Istanbul Restaurant – sucuk pide, spinach pide
Elsa’s Food and Bakery – falafel sandwich
Falalfel Plus – falafel
Ghadir Meat & Restaurant – chicken shawarma wrap
Kebab 49 – doner
Livelihood Cafe – toast, baba ganoush, mana’eesh
Maha’s – Mind Blowing Chicken, falafel
Manousha Inc. – mana’eesh (zaatar and musakhan)
Mandi Afandi – lamb mandi
Me Va Me – Jerusalem mix wrap
Oaza Shawarma Plus – chicken shawarma wrap
Paramount – falafel
Shawarma Frenzy – chicken shawarma wrap
Tabule – dips, eggplant with mujaddara, kunafa



Beefing with 7 – signature beef brisket noodle soup
Big Beef Bowl – braised beef brisket noodle soup
Dagu Rice Noodle – rice noodle soup
GB Hand-Pulled Noodles – noodle soup with sliced beef
Gol’s Lanzhou Noodle – noodle soup with sliced beef
Hey Noodles – Chongqing street noodles
House of Gourmet – wonton noodle soup with brisket
Momofuku Noodle Bar – black bean noodles (also: buns, onigiri)
Momofuku Noodle Bar – chilled spicy noodles
Momofuku Noodle BarVery Extremely Spicy Noodles
Momofuku Noodle Bar – Extremely Spicy Noodles (also: spicy rice cakes)
Omni Palace Noodle House – noodle soup with beef
Origination Noodle House – rice noodle soup
Potato Noodle Soup of Bai – spicy noodle soup (with potato noodles)
SoSo Food Club – lamb biang biang noodles
Sun’s Kitchen – noodles with spicy pork
Szechuan Noodle Bowl – hand-made noodle soup with ground pork
Tsui Xiang Tsuen – wonton noodle soup
Wonton Chai Noodle – wonton noodle soup
Wonton Express – wonton noodle soup with brisket
Wuhan Noodle 1950 – Wuhan dry noodles

Japanese (other than ramen)

Manpuku – curry udon noodles
Raku – cold udon dipping noodles


Cho Sun Ok – mool naengmyun (cold noodles)


Hakata Ikkousha Ramen – Hakata tonkotsu
Hakata Shoryuken Ramen – Hakata tonkotsu
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka – shio tonkotsu
Ikkoi Japanese Family Cuisine – tonkotsu
Ikkousha Chicken Ramen – tori paitan
Kinton Ramen – shio tonkotsu
Konjiki Ramen – shoyu clam broth
Kyouka Ramen – shio chicken/pork
Momofuku Noodle Bar – chicken tan tan (also fried  brussels sprouts)
Momofuku Noodle Bar – pork
Momofuku Noodle Bar – pumpkin
Musoshin Ramen – tonkotsu
Nobuya – Tokyo style
Oji Seiji – shio pork/chicken/seafood
Ramen Isshin – miso tonkotsu
Ramen Misoya – miso tonkotsu
Ramen Raijin – shoyu tonkotsu
Ryu’s Noodles – shio chicken
Santosei Ramen – shio tonkotsu
Touhenboko Ramen – shio chicken


Mei Nung Beef Noodle House – Taiwanese beef noodles


Imm Thai Kitchen – khao soi
Khao San Road – khao soi


Bong Lua Vietnamese Restaurant – bun rieu
I Love Pho 2 – bun rieu
I Love Pho 2 – pho
Pho Ngoc Yen – pho
Pho Tien Thanh – BBQ pork on vermicelli
Pho Vistro – pho


Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese – blue Buffalo chicken
Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese – carbonara
Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese – jalapeno and bacon mac and cheese
Dance Mac – macaroni and cheese
Fabbrica – ravioli
Famiglia Baldassare – spaghetti carbonara
Terroni – Garganelli Geppetto (spicy Italian sausage)
Scaddabush – roasted fennel and sausage fettuccine
Shiso Tree Cafe – nori tsukudani
Shosi Tree Cafe – shoyu mushroom spaghetti
The SOS – macaroni and cheese


Big Trouble Pizza – dessert pizza
Canuck Pizza Truck – bacon, sausage, and pepperoni
Conspiracy Pizza – Conspiracy, Government Cheese
Descendant Detroit Style Pizza – Electric Avenue, Mexican, pepperoni
Descendant Detroit Style Pizza – Jaffna, Gatt Dady
Eataly – margherita
General Assembly Pizza – Sweet Heat, Falco Sausage, Garden Smash
General Assembly Pizza – shrimp
Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza – margherita
The Hole in the Wall – marghertia, cacio e pepe
Maker Pizza – rueben
Nonna’s Oven – margherita, Hawaiian
North of Brooklyn – Green Out
Pi Co. – margherita
Pizzeria Badialdi – margherita
Pizzeria Libretto – margherita
Pizzeria Via Napoli – margherita
Scaddabush – prosciutto and arugula
Sip Wine Bar – margherita
Superpoint – cheese
Superpoint – spicy sopressata


Calii Love – poke bowl with tuna
Flock – salad with pulled chicken
iQ – steelhead trout bowl
Parka Food Co. – vegan Caesar
Pokito – poke bowl with salmon

Sandwiches / Wraps

Aloette – fried chicken (also lemon meringue pie)
Aloette – boneless ribs (also fries)
Ba Le House – assorted cold cut banh mi
Banh Mi Saigon – assorted cold cut banh mi
Boar – veal
Blackbird Baking Co. – ham and pimento cheese
Black Camel – roasted pulled chicken
Black Camel – roasted veggie
Buon Giorno Caffe & Panini – assorted cold cuts
Burger Drops – cheeseburger, fried chicken
Ca Phe Rang – pork banh mi, beef banh mi
Chen Chen’s Nashville Hot Chicken – Nashville hot chicken
Chen Chen’s Nashville Hot Chicken – Szechuan x Nashville hot chicken (also fried cauliflower)
Chica’s Chicken – Buffalo chicken
Chica’s Chicken – fried chicken
Chica’s Chicken – jalapeno popper (fried chicken)
Chica’s Chicken – Nashville hot chicken
Chica’s Chicken – Sweet Heat (fried chicken)
Completo – steak
La Cubana – cubano
La Cubana – shortrib
Dave’s Hot Chicken – Nashville hot chicken
Donna’s – roast beef
Egg Bae – breakfast sandwich
Egg Club – breakfast sandwich
Emmer – tuna melt
Fidel Gastro’s – braised short rib and kimchi
Flock – pulled rotisserie chicken
Flora’s Deli – fried eggplant and cold cut combo
Forno Cultura – melanzana (eggplant and zucchini)
Fresh – nine layer burrito
Fresh – veggie banquet burger, onion rings
German Doner Kebab – mixed doner kebab
Gilead Cafe – porchetta
Gold Standard – breakfast sandwich
Gold Standard – sabich (fried eggplant, egg salad)
Good Behaviour Submarine – beef brisket, pork shoulder
Good Behaviour Submarine – turkey sub
Grand Bizarre Supper Club – fried chicken bao (also dumplings, cheesecake, chocolate cupcake)
The Haifa Room – falafel
Heirloom Food Truck – Szechuan fried chicken
Ho Garden Chinese Restaurant – egg (also noodle soup)
Hot Dip – roast beef with cheese sauce
Illstyl3 Sammies – Philly cheesesteak
Kantene – veal and eggplant
Kettlemans Bagel – cream cheese and smoked salmon
Little DaiLo – meatball
Love Chix – fried chicken
Mattachioni – mortadella
Matty’s Patty’s – cheeseburger
Mii Sandwich Co. – classic banh mi
Ming’s Noodle Cafe – egg (also noodle soup)
Mister Frenchie – Le Lyonais French taco
Nobs’ – steak
Oh My Gyro! – chicken gyros wrap
Otto’s Berlin Doner – veal and lamb doner (German style)
Parka Food Co. – fried broccoli
PG Clucks – jalapeno and honey fried chicken
Philthy Philly’s – Philly cheesesteak
Porchetta & Co. – fried chicken, egg, and cheese
Porchetta & Co. – Korean fried chicken
Porchetta & Co. – Nashville hot chicken
Porchetta & Co. – porchetta
Porchetta & Co. – porchetta
Porchetta Roll – porchetta
RH Courtyard Cafe – grilled cheese
Rose’s Vietnamese Sandwiches – cold cut banh mi
Roywoods – jerk chicken
Rudy – cheeseburger
Rudy – fried chicken (also poutine)
Rudy – fried chicken
San Francesco – fried veal
Sea Witch – fried fish
Shah’s Halal Food – lamb gyros wrap
Tortería San Cosme – Conchinita torta (Mexican pulled pork)
Tuck Shop Kitchen – smoked butternut squash and egg
Tut’s Egyptian Street Food – sujuk (sausage) and beef liver
Union Chicken – Buffalo fried chicken
Uno Mustachio – veal and eggplant
Vilda’s – pepperoni pizza + Caesar salad
Vilda’s – Duca di Zucchine, Tuna à la Mediterranean
V’s Schnitzel House – pork schnitzel
When the Pig Came Home – peameal bacon
White Lily Diner – meatloaf
Wish Restaurant – turkey burger
Woodfire Sandwich Co. – roast beef


Halibut House Fish & Chips – fish and chips
Olde Yorke Fish & Chips – fish and chips

Smoked Meat / Deli

Caplansky’s Delicatessen – meatloaf
Centre Street Deli – old fashioned smoked meat
Rose and Sons – pastrami
Seed to Sausage Meatery – Montreal smoked meat
SumiLicious – smoked meat
Zelden’s Deli & Desserts – pastrami


Cava – various tapas

Store Bought

Chipwich – chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich
Felix & Norton Ready to Bake Gourmet Cookie Dough – Menage a Trois

Street Festivals / Events / Theme Parks

Canada’s Wonderland – funnel cake
Cannoli Crunch (Taste of Little Italy) – cannoli
The Ex (2019) – porchetta and pork belly sandwich, scorpion pepper burrito, pickle pizza
The Ex (2022) – spaghetti, fried perogies, Flamin’ Hot fried chicken sandwich, Viet burrito, fried cheese curds, ketchup ice cream
La Forchetta Ristorante (Taste of Little Italy) – risotto
Holy Cannoli (OssFest) – cannoli
Mamakas Taverna (OssFest) – pork souvlaki


Kiin – pandan chicken, pork jowl, chicken stir-fry
Nimman Thai – chicken stir-fry with soup and a spring roll
Pai – Pad gra prow (stir-fried pork on rice with a fried egg)
Patchmon’s Thai Desserts – Thai taro custard, Thai coconut layer cake, Ta-goe


Xe Kem– purple sticky rice yogurt

Out of Town

Anderson’s (Buffalo) – vanilla frozen custard
Cracker Barrel (Buffalo) – Sausage, Grits Cakes n’ Green Tomato Gravy Bowl
D Hot Shoppe (Burlington) – chicken roti
Grandad’s Donuts (Hamilton) – Walnut Crunch doughnut
Ambrosia Corner Bakery (Kitchener) – pecan cinnamon sticky bun
Boulangerie Cheskie (Montreal) – chocolate babka
Joe Beef (Montreal) – souffle tart, steak, braised greens, lobster spaghetti
Schwartz’s Deli (Montreal) – Montreal smoked meat sandwich
Hershey Store (Niagara Falls, Ontario) – chocolate milkshake
Cows Ice Cream (Niagara on the Lake) – Wowie Cowie
Treadwell Bakery (Niagara on the Lake) – pizza
Just Braise (Oakville) – pho beef banh mi
The Diner House 29 (St. Catherines) – egg and pork belly sandwich, pesto soup
The Fritter Co. (St. Jacobs) – apple fritter
Harmony Lunch (Waterloo) – pork cheeseburger