Tasty Australian Pastries at The Sydney Grind

The Sydney Grind
: 2883 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Etobicoke
Website: https://www.thesydneygrind.com/

The Sydney Grind is a delightful Australian-themed coffee shop that serves a bunch of tasty-looking pastries.  One of those pastries: the lamington, an Australian specialty that features yellow cake coated in chocolate and coconut.

The Sydney Grind

It’s quite tasty.  I mean, how could it not be?  It’s just plain cake with chocolate and coconut — all tasty stuff.

The Sydney Grind

Well, I guess you could mess it up by making a bad quality cake or using shoddy chocolate, but that’s clearly not the case here.  The cake is tasty and moist, and the chocolate/coconut combo is expectedly delicious.

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