Decent Noodle Soup at Beefing With 7

Beefing With 7
: 1177 Central Parkway West, Unit 9, Mississauga

Beefing with 7 is a Hong Kong-style restaurant with a few locations throughout the GTA (and an absolutely baffling name — there’s no indication on the menu or the restaurant’s website about what “7” refers to).

Beefing With 7

I had the signature beef brisket noodle soup, and it’s perfectly tasty, though it’s nothing you need to jump in your car and go out of your way for.

Beefing With 7

Still, I don’t have any complaints — the broth has a clean beefy flavour, the simply-spiced brisket is tender, and the firm noodles are satisfying.  There are also several optional add-ons, which might not be a bad idea; the bowl is tasty, but could probably use some jazzing up.

Beefing With 7

There is, however, a bowl of tasty chili oil on the table, which is a must.  It adds a nice kick and a bit more depth of flavour to the very straightforward bowl of noodle soup.

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