Tasty Sweet Buns at Akko Cake House

Akko Cake House
: 4040 Creditview Road #1, Mississauga
Website: None

Akko Cake House is a bit oddly named.  They do have a handful of cakes at the front, but mostly, this is a fairly standard Chinese bakery with a whole bunch of sweet and savoury buns and tarts.

Akko Cake House

I tried a few sweet buns: coconut, custard, and walnut.

The pastry itself was quite good — it was fresh, a little bit sweet, and super fluffy.

Akko Cake House

I was intrigued about the walnut variety; I don’t recall ever seeing a walnut bun before, and I’ve certainly never tried one.  It was fairly subtle, however, with a very thin layer of  walnut paste and a few walnut chunks.  It tasted more like a plain bun with a mild walnut flavour.

Akko Cake House

The custard was about what you’d expect.  It was sweet, creamy, and tasty.

Akko Cake House

The coconut bun was where it was at.  The generous filling was really tasty, with a nice coconut flavour.   It also has a surprisingly strong hit of salt that does a great job of rounding out the  sweetness.  It’s really good.  The bakery was packed (the line was to the door when I left), and with buns that good, it’s easy enough to see why.

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