Burger King – Fire-Grilled Rib Sandwich

Burger King - Fire-Grilled Rib Sandwich
Location4141 Dixie Road, Mississauga

Burger King is the worst.  Seriously.  The absolute worst.  I remember at a certain point, several years back, thinking that it was one of the better fast food joints.  But then the quality started going downhill, and at first I thought “oh, I must be at a badly run Burger King,” but no.  They’re all bad now.

I’m not a fast food snob.  I enjoy it, for the most part.  You have to adjust your expectations, obviously, but a Big Mac can be quite satisfying when the craving hits.

My personal ranking of the big fast food burger chains would probably look something like this:

  1. A&W
  2. Wendy’s
  3. McDonald’s
  4. Harvey’s
  5. Garbage from a dumpster
  6. Burger King

So when I found out that Burger King was serving a McRib-esque sandwich, my better judgment told me to stay away, but hey, you only live once, right?

I should note that I actually do like the McRib.  Maybe it’s because I have fond childhood memories of the thing, but every time McDonald’s brings it back I feel obligated to eat it at least once.

Burger King’s version has all of the same components (barbeque sauce, mystery-meat-pork patty, and pickles), save for the onion.  But it is — surprise, surprise — not good.  The salty patty is a lot chewier and more rubbery than the McRib, and the cloyingly sweet barbeque sauce is one-note and vaguely unappealing.  The bun and pickles are fine, but the whole thing was kind of gross and nothing I’d ever want to eat again.

I tried the new doughnut holes, too, which were also pretty gross.  Can we just use the words Burger King as a replacement verb for gross?  I think so.  The doughnut holes were pretty Burger Kingy. Doughy, soggy, and downright mushy, the only highlight was when I remembered that I am a human being with free will, and can choose to never eat another one of these for as long as I live.  I wish I could make that choice for Burger King in general, but I know curiosity will drive me back here when they introduce something else new to their menu.  Oh well.

Burger King - the menu Burger King - Fire-Grilled Rib Sandwich Burger King - doughnut holes

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