An Upscale McRib at Aloette

: 171 East Liberty Street, Unit 127A, Toronto

Aloette has recently added a few new things to their menu, including a McRib-esque rib sandwich, and yeah, obviously I’ve gotta try that.

The Ribette Sandwich, as per the menu: “Slow cooked pork ribs, coleslaw, pickles, pickled onions, BBQ sauce.”

Okay fine, it’s actually not much like a McRib, which features a ground pork patty and is only tangentially related to ribs.  This one contains actual ribs (but with the bones conveniently removed), and it’s extremely tasty.


It’s not smoky at all, which is too bad, but it’s porky and tender, and features some nicely crispy/charred bits from the grill.  It’s slathered in a deliciously sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, and topped with pickles and pickled onions, which do a great job of adding some crunch and cutting through the richness of the fatty pork.

It also comes with a little tub of zingy coleslaw that you’re supposed to add to the sandwich yourself; BBQ sandwich + coleslaw is always a great combo, and yeah, it works quite well here.


It’s served on a fluffy, lightly chewy bun that holds up nicely to the saucy sandwich.  It’s great.

I also tried the fries, which are crispy, fluffy, and perfectly cooked.  Good stuff.

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