Solid Fast Food at Chick-fil-A

: 336 Queen Street West, Toronto

Chick-fil-A opened in Toronto a couple of years ago and was immediately greeted with a whole bunch of hype and perpetual lines.

They’ve been here long enough at this point (and have enough locations) that the hype has mostly died down.  This is a good thing, because the chicken sandwich here is tasty, but probably not worth lining up for.


You just have to temper your expectations; if you’re comparing it to local joints like the now Michelin-noted (!) Chica’s Chicken, it’s nothing special.  But compared to its fast food competition, it’s a solid sandwich (the sandwich here is certainly leagues better than McDonald’s latest chicken creation, the McCrispy).


It’s got a much more subtle crunch than the norm, but it’s nicely seasoned and, on my visit at least, hot from the fryer and nicely juicy.

It’s also a bit unusual in how sparsely topped it is, with just a couple of pickle slices, a buttered bun, and nothing else.  But I guess that’s part of its charm, and the chicken is flavourful enough that you don’t really miss the toppings.

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