Amazing Roast Pork at B’s Sizzling Kitchen

B's Sizzling Kitchen
: 430 Horner Avenue, Etobicoke

B’s Sizzling Kitchen is one of those places that you’d probably never discover if you hadn’t heard about it from a friend or read about it online, since it’s kinda hidden away in a very nondescript industrial/residential area of Etobicoke.  But it’s absolutely worth coming out of your way for.

It’s a Filipino restaurant that specializes in Cebu lechon — ultra-tender roast pork with delightfully crispy skin — and man, it’s good.

B's Sizzling Kitchen

I started with the lechon sisig fries, which features a heaping portion of tasty pork on top of crispy, crinkle-cut fries.  This was everything you want it to be.  It’s porky, crispy, sweet, and addictive.  It’s profoundly delicious.

But of course, the Cebu lechon is what you’re here for, and it’s just the absolute best.  They make it with pork belly, and… I mean, just look at it.

B's Sizzling Kitchen

Look at it.

B's Sizzling Kitchen

The meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender, it’s perfectly seasoned and intensely flavourful, and the crispy skin is the stuff dreams are made of.  Just give me a big bag of that skin and let me eat it like potato chips.

I’m going to like pretty much any well-prepared fatty pork dish by default, but this one is something special.

B's Sizzling Kitchen

As I was leaving, there was a whole suckling pig sitting on a table waiting to be picked up, and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so badly in my entire life.

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