Satisfying Eats at Running Pig

Running PigLocation: 3636 Steeles Avenue East, Markham
Website: None

Running Pig is a no-frills take-out joint that serves various meat options and veggies on top of rice.  It’s not the best thing you’ll ever eat, but it’s a hefty amount of meat and rice for $7.50; it’s hard to go wrong there.

Running Pig

I got the pork knuckle bento, which comes with a generous pile of pork knuckles (one is missing from my photo — I dug right in then realized I forgot to take a picture), a hard-boiled egg, tofu skin, and a variety of veggies on rice.

Pork knuckles can be mostly collagen without a whole lot of meat (particularly the way they’re cut here); if it’s not properly rendered, it’s going to be rubbery.  And while these were mostly okay, they definitely could have braised for a little bit longer.

Running Pig

The various veggies and tofu were all tasty enough, and combined with the rice, it makes for a solid meal.  Nothing here particularly stands out, but it’s cheap, quick, and satisfying.  Sometimes that’s enough.

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