Chicken Big Mac at McDonald’s

Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's
: 5453 Dundas Street West, Toronto

On one hand, the Chicken Big Mac is what it is: it’s a Big Mac, but with chicken instead of beef.  There’s not much more to it than that.

On the other hand, I actually found it to be way more delightful than I was expecting.  Apparently it’s a limited time thing that’s going away in April, but I think it’s tasty enough (and different enough from a regular Big Mac) to be on the permanent menu.

Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's

The patties are interesting.  They’re not just the McChicken patties you might expect; they’re thicker than a McDonald’s burger patty, but thinner than a McChicken.  They actually reminded me more of an oversized McNugget than an undersized McChicken.

Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's

This will depend on the location you visit, but the patties in my Big Mac were hot and crispy, and that texture actually added a lot of personality to the Big Mac template.

Chicken Big Mac at McDonald's

As for the taste, the milder flavour of the chicken lets a lot more of the zippiness from the special sauce and the pickles shine through; even the slice of cheese becomes more pronounced when you sub out beef for chicken.  Between that and the fried crispiness, the Chicken Big Mac really feels like its own thing, and not just like a gimmick you’d only want to try once.

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