A Genius Sandwich at Vilda’s

: 209 Dovercourt Road, Toronto
Website: https://www.vildastoronto.com/

I think the word “genius” is frequently misused.  A lot of people given that label are probably very good at what they do, but not necessarily a genius.

That being said, they’re serving a sandwich called “The Caesaroni” at Vilda’s, and whoever invented it is a genius.  That’s just a fact.

The Casaroni, as per the menu: “Pepperoni pizza and caesar salad living in harmony inside a bun. Tomato Sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni and romaine tossed in caesar dressing. Delicioso!”


It’s the type of thing that seems so obvious in retrospect.   But would I have come up with it myself?  Doubtful!  Because I’m not a genius.

And it’s just as great as you’d hope, with an absolutely delightful combo of gooey cheese, flavourful sauce, meaty pepperoni, and zippy Caesar-dressed romaine.  It’s like you’re eating a slice of pepperoni pizza and a Caesar salad at the same time.  I could see a lesser version of this sandwich coming off as gimmicky, but this is legitimately delicious.


I also tried the latkes, which comes with an order of five brick-like latke rectangles.  It’s far from traditional, but it features an outstandingly crispy exterior and a creamy interior; it’s great.

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