Delicious Pastries at Choux Lab

Choux Lab
: 386 Royal York Road, Toronto
Website: None

Remember Beard Papa?  Because I certainly do!  That was (and still is, though their only Canadian locations are in Vancouver) a delightful Japanese chain that specialized in delicious cream puffs.  They used to have a location in the Pacific Mall, but then they broke hearts across the GTA by shutting down like a bunch of jerks.

Sadly, there’s no indication that they’re coming back anytime soon, but in the meanwhile, we’ve got Choux Lab.

Choux Lab

Choux Lab serves up choux pastries (which are light and fluffy, with a crispy exterior) with a variety of fillings.  The vanilla is probably the most Beard-Papa-esque, but they were actually handing out samples of that one, and it was delicious (and indeed, did remind me of Beard Papa, with a creamy, custardy filling), so I figured I’d order something else.

Choux Lab

I went with the hazelnut, and it was very, very good.  The filling was rich and ultra-creamy, with a great hazelnut flavour and a nice balance of sweetness — sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.  Beard Papa used to fill their puffs to order, and I was worried that the pre-made ones they serve here might lack that great crispy/fluffy/creamy combo.  But the one I tried wasn’t soggy at all, and all the textures were right where they should be.

Choux Lab

Choux Lab is just a few stores over from San Remo, and I worry that everyone will just stick with the reliable deliciousness there and not give this place a shot.  But everyone needs to check this place out; I need them to stick around forever and not break my heart like Beard Papa did.

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