Unique Doughnuts at Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique

Isabella's Mochi Donut Boutique
: 4 St. Patrick Street, Toronto
Website: https://isabellasdonuts.com/

A mochi doughnut, for the unaware, is basically a regular doughnut, but with the addition of rice flour.  This gives it a delightfully chewy texture that works better than you might expect.  Even if you don’t like mochi, it’s worth a shot — the chewiness is definitely there, but it’s not particularly aggressive.

Isabella's Mochi Donut Boutique

They have nine flavours at Isabella’s; they all looked tasty, but I went with the s’mores (“chocolate, toasted meringue, graham crackers”).

It’s really good.  The chocolate glaze has a nice chocolatey flavour that isn’t too sweet, and while the fluffy toasted meringue isn’t super marshmallowy, it’s tasty and complements the chocolate well.  I don’t think the graham cracker crumbs made much of a difference, but it’s tasty either way.

Isabella's Mochi Donut Boutique

As for the doughnut itself, yeah, it’s good.  The chewiness is just enough to set it apart from a standard doughnut, but not so much that it feels overwhelming.  It’s really satisfying.

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