Quick Bites: Porchetta and Co., Ruru Baked, Good Behaviour

Porchetta sandwich from Porchetta and Co.
Porchetta sandwich from Porchetta and Co.

I’ve written about the porchetta sandwich from this place before, but just as an update: it’s still quite tasty.  However, on this particular visit it was a bit on the dry side, which made me kinda wish I had ordered the House Special sandwich (which comes with a bunch of toppings) instead of the porchetta on its own.  And indeed, ordering the porchetta sandwich sans-toppings, which used to be the shop’s bread and butter, isn’t even listed on the menu at this point.  Still, it’s a top notch sandwich however you order it.

Super Baked at Ruru Baked
Super Baked at Ruru Baked

“Super Baked” at Ruru Baked is a thoroughly odd (but tasty) scoop of ice cream.  It’s absolutely crammed with various chunks of cake and cookies and it’s certainly not unpleasant to eat, but I think it’s like 75% chunks and 25% ice cream?  The ice cream is basically just there to bind the chunks together.  I like a chunky ice cream as much as the next guy, but if I wanted to eat cake I’d eat cake.  Still, it’s quite tasty, so I can’t complain too much.

Super Baked at Ruru Baked
Chocolate ice cream from Good Behaviour

And on the opposite end of the ice cream spectrum: plain old chocolate ice cream.  Yeah, it’s kind of boring, but you know what?  When the quality of ice cream is as good as it is here, it actually isn’t.  The chocolate ice cream here has a super intense chocolate flavour, and a texture that’s abundantly rich and creamy.  This place easily serves some of the best ice cream in the city (or the best?  Maybe).

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