Top Notch Pizza at North of Brooklyn

North of Brooklyn
: 229 Geary Avenue, Toronto

Though I’m all about the simple joys of a margherita pizza, occasionally, a more interesting assortment of toppings can be just what the doctor ordered.  Case in point: the Green Out pizza at North of Brooklyn, which comes topped with “Mozzarella, Spring Cream, Spinach, Semi-Dried Tomatoes, Salsa Verde, Pecorino.”  It’s about as far from the simplicity of a margherita pizza that you can get, but it’s so, so good.

North of Brooklyn

“Green” is right there in the name, and yeah, the abundant spinach and herby spring cream (which is basically cream with herbs mixed in) definitely gives the pizza a verdant glow.  It looks like it might be overwhelming, but it’s just right — the tender spinach balances so well with all the other ingredients.

North of Brooklyn

The hearty spinach, the pops of sweetness from the tomatoes, the zinginess from the salsa verde, the gooiness of the mozzarella, and the saltiness of the pecorino is just a perfect storm of deliciousness.  It’s surprisingly great.

North of Brooklyn

But a pizza lives and dies by its crust, and that’s where this thing really shines.  It’s super thin and crispy, but not even remotely crackery — it’s got a great balance of chewiness and crispiness, with a surprising amount of substance given how thin it is, and a great flavour.  It helps that it’s perfectly cooked, with a nice even char that never overwhelms.  The toppings are all extremely tasty, but it’s the superlative crust that really puts this in the pizza stratosphere.

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