A Delicious Sandwich at V’s Schnitzel House

V's Schnitzel House
: 448 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke
Website: https://www.vsschnitzelhouse.com/

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the schnitzel sandwich at V’s Schnitzel House, so that’s what I ordered.  It was delicious.  I wish I hadn’t ordered it.

Specifically, I ordered the pork schnitzel sandwich (chicken is also an option), which comes topped with lettuce, tomato, and “Magic dill sauce.”

V's Schnitzel House

It’s a top-notch sandwich — the fluffy Kaiser roll has just enough heft to hold up to the meat without overwhelming, the lettuce and tomato add a nice dose of freshness and crunch, and the Magic dill sauce is seriously delicious.

V's Schnitzel House

I ordered the house salad on the side.  It also comes with the Magic dill sauce, and man that stuff is so good.  It’s creamy, a little bit sweet, garlicky, and has a pronounced dill flavour.  You can buy a bottle of this stuff for ten bucks, and I’m very tempted to go back and pick one up.

V's Schnitzel House

But I mentioned that I wish I hadn’t ordered the sandwich (in spite of how delicious it was), and that’s because the schnitzel itself was amazing.  It was hard to tell in the context of a sandwich, but I think this might have been the best schnitzel I’ve ever had?  The exterior was perfectly crispy, the seasoning was great, and the meat itself was thoroughly tender.  Clearly, I need to go back and try the schnitzel on its own ASAP.

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