Chewy Korean Noodles at Cho Sun Ok

Cho Sun Ok
: 7353 Yonge Street, Thornhill

Cho Sun Ok does well.  I showed up at around 6:00 on a Friday, which you’d think would be early enough to beat the crowds, but nope — the place was already packed.  Always a good sign.

Cho Sun Ok

And yeah, it’s quite good.  While they have a fairly extensive menu of Korean standbys, everyone seems to agree that the cold naengmyun noodles are the thing to order.

Cho Sun Ok

I went with the mool naengmyun: “Thin, chewy arrowroot noodles topped with our homemade red pepper sauce, sesame seed oil, pickled daikon, slivers of cucumber, a slice of pear and a hard-boiled egg in our flavourful beef based icy broth.”

Cho Sun Ok

The style of noodles here are so immensely chewy that they have to be cut with scissors before you start eating them, and combined with the zippy pepper sauce and the beefy, salty cold broth (not to mention the crunchy veggies), it’s a very satisfying dish.  It’s easy enough to see why the place is so popular.

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