A Great Chicken Sandwich at Black Camel

Black Camel
: 4 Crescent Road, Toronto
Website: https://www.blackcamel.ca/

Black Camel is mostly known for their meaty sandwiches (though their roasted veggie sandwich is no slouch); the brisket and the pulled pork are the specialties, and both are great.  I went with the roasted pulled chicken on this visit, and hey, what do you know — it’s great.

Black Camel

One of the distinctive things about this shop is that there aren’t really any pre-set sandwiches; you customize your meat, your sauce, and toppings (which cost 95 cents a pop).  I went with the suggestion of the woman behind the counter, which was the basil pesto mayo and roasted red peppers.

Black Camel

It’s a top notch sandwich.  The chicken is nice and tender and has a satisfying roasty flavour, the silky roasted peppers add some nice pops of sweetness, and the rich mayo holds it all together.  That’s not to mention the bun, which is soft and fresh and holds up nicely to the meaty filling.

I think the chicken is either mostly or entirely white meat, which is a shame; a bit more moisture and flavour from some dark meat would have been nice.  And the basil pesto mayo mostly just tasted like plain mayonnaise, and could have used a bit more zip.  But mostly, it’s a great sandwich from a consistently great restaurant.

A Decent Sandwich at Flock

FlockLocation: 97 Harbord Street, Toronto
Website: https://flockonharbord.com/

The first time I had the pulled rotisserie chicken sandwich from Flock, I wasn’t a fan.  It had obviously been assembled in advance and put in the fridge, and it was clammy, with a uniformly soft texture.  None of the flavours popped.  It wasn’t great.


But Toronto Life recently called it one of the 25 best sandwiches in the city, so I figured I’d give it another shot.

It’s still not the best sandwich ever, but it’s tasty enough.  From their menu: “Ace Bakery Bun, Avocado Spread, Crisp Romaine & Horseradish/Beet/Apple Slaw & Crispy Onion”


This time the sandwich was clearly made to order, which helped a lot.  The chicken was warm, fresh, and tasty, and there’s a pretty generous amount of it.   The sweet slaw adds a welcoming hit of zinginess, and the avocado is nice and creamy.

I’m a little bit baffled that it wound up on a list of the best sandwiches in the city, but it certainly isn’t bad.  It just doesn’t stand out in any particular way.