Tasty Montreal-Style Bagels at Kettlemans Bagel

Kettlemans Bagel
: 847 Brown’s Line, Etobicoke
Website: https://www.kettlemansbagels.ca/

Kettlemans Bagel serves Montreal-style bagels — I was actually in that city recently and tried fresh bagels from the big two (St. Viateur and Fairmount) and yeah, if you’re craving a Montreal-style bagel in the GTA, the version at Kettlemans is bang-on.  It’s got a satisfyingly substantial chew, it’s a little bit sweet, and the wood-burning oven gives it some nice personality.  And as you can see from the open kitchen in the store, they make them fresh throughout the day.  They’re quite good.

Kettlemans Bagel

(And yes, as far as I can tell, “Kettlemans” does not have an apostrophe, though the company themselves seems to be a bit confused about it.  The logo on the shop is sans-apostrophe, but if you go to their website, it’s about 50/50 apostrophe/no-apostrophe.  I’m just going to assume that the logo is right.)

Kettlemans Bagel

They have a variety of bagel types that you can get on their own, but if you’re looking for more of a meal, you can pick from a bunch of different sandwich options.  I went with the Kettlemans Special: “smoked salmon, deli cream cheese, tomato & red onion, served with garlic olives.”  You can pick the type of bagel that you want, but since the photo in the restaurant used the sesame seed variety, that’s what I went with.

Kettlemans Bagel

It’s a tasty sandwich — the smoked salmon is nothing to write home about, but combined with the juicy tomato and the ultra-silky cream cheese (it’s easily the creamiest cream cheese that I’ve ever had, with the usual zippiness of cream cheese but with a texture that’s closer to mayo), it’s a quality sandwich.

Kettlemans Bagel

I’m not a fan of raw onions, so I got mine without, but for most normal people I’m sure that they would have enhanced the sandwich — something crunchy would have been nice.

Egg BLT Bagel at McDonald’s

McDonald'sLocation: 4333 Bloor Street West, Etobicoke

I like McDonald’s.  The place tends to get a bad rap, but if you’re craving something junky and quick, it (usually) hits the spot.  I’m sure a childhood’s worth of nostalgia helps, but there’s always going to be a place in my life for the occasional visit to the Golden Arches.

That being said, the Egg BLT Bagel was super duper gross and you should absolutely never eat it.

I got it on a plain bagel, which was overly sweet and substantial.  The egg was dry and overcooked, the bacon was paper-thin and soggy, the lettuce was so stingy that it may as well not have even been there, and the mayo overload meant it was impossible to eat without making a greasy mess.  There just wasn’t a whole lot of flavour here, other than the sweetness from the bagel.

The tomato was okay, though, so… hooray for that, I guess?