Enjoyable Yogurt Drinks at Kome Yogurt

Kome Yogurt
: 10 Stephanie Street, Toronto
Website: https://www.komeyogurt.com/

Kome Yogurt is right across the street from the original Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe, which is an unfortunate location; I’ve been intrigued by it for a while, but obviously if I’m in the area my first choice is that amazing gelato, which is some of the best in the city.

But I’ve been to Mizzica a few times now, so sure, why not — let’s yogurt it up.

Kome Yogurt

They actually have a pretty extensive menu, with a couple dozen choices ranging from various fruity options to Asian dessert standbys like red bean and black sesame.  The woman behind the counter said that the Purple Kome is one of their most popular choices, so I went with that.

It’s pretty simple — it’s just sweet yogurt blended with purple rice.  But sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Kome Yogurt

It actually reminded me a lot of the dessert I recently had at Xe Kem; it’s pretty much the same thing, but in beverage form.  There’s a decent amount of chewy rice at the bottom that you suck up with a big straw like bubble tea.  It’s like rice pudding, but yogurty and drinkable.  It’s quite refreshing.

My only complaint is that it’s probably a touch too sweet; I would have liked the tartness of the yogurt to stand out a bit more.  But the sticker on the side of the cup indicated that the sweetness level was standard, which makes me think you can customize the sugar level.  I’ll definitely have to do that next time.