Decent Gelato at Hotel Gelato

Hotel Gelato
: 532 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

Hotel Gelato is pretty good.  I’ve had worse gelato in the city, and I’ve had better.  Can that be the whole post?  It’s gelato!  It’s good!  I don’t know.

I should write a bit more?  Okay, fine.

Hotel Gelato

Despite the name, Hotel Gelato is actually not just a gelato shop, but a full cafe with a menu featuring salads, sandwiches, and brunch classics.  If you walk to the back of the restaurant, however, you’ll find their namesake gelato.

Hotel Gelato

I tried a couple of flavours: peanut butter and vanilla sponge toffee.  They were both perfectly tasty; they could have been richer and creamier, and neither of the flavours particularly blew me away, but it wasn’t exactly a chore to eat.  Again: it’s gelato.  It’s good.  I probably wouldn’t go out of my way for it, but if you’re in the area, I don’t think you’ll be mad that you checked the place out.