Delicious Pastries at Cannoli Crunch

Cannoli Crunch
: I was at the Taste of Little Italy festival, but their permanent location is at 850 King Street West, Toronto

There was a whole bunch of interesting food at the recent Taste of Little Italy street festival, though Cannoli Crunch — who make various flavours of cannoli and then fill them fresh to order — was one that I couldn’t resist.

(Also: after a couple of years of their absence thanks to you-know-what, it was quite delightful to be back at a street festival.)

Cannoli Crunch

Though some of the other flavours sounded interesting, I went with the classic ricotta-filled cannoli dipped in pistachio.  Hey, it’s a classic for a reason.

It was so good.  It was filled to order, so the shell remained abundantly crispy, as it should.  And the filling was actually quite unique; cannoli filling generally has that slightly grainy texture that you get from ricotta, but the version here was smooth like custard while still retaining its delightful ricotta flavour.

The contrast between the crispy shell and the ultra-creamy filling was really nice, and the whole thing had a perfect level of sweetness — sweet, but not in-your-face sweet.  It was a great dessert.

Perfectly Crispy Cannoli at Holy Cannoli

Holy CannoliLocation: Follow them on Instagram to see where they’ll be

There’s nothing sadder than biting into a cannoli only to find that its would-be crispy exterior has been rendered soft and chewy by the ravages of time.

Holy Cannoli, which had a booth at the recent OssFest street festival, avoids this problem quite definitively by filling their cannoli shells to order.  This is clearly the way to do it.  I don’t know why every bakery doesn’t do it this way.

Holy Cannoli

So of course, the shell was nice and crispy, just as it should be.  It’s crispy but not overly crunchy — it’s basically the perfect cannoli shell.

You can choose from either chocolate chip or vanilla filling; I went with the latter, and it was creamy, sweet, and tasty.  Nothing about it particularly jumped out as being amazing, but it was a solid cannoli.